The Trefoil Guild Promise:


I promise that I will
         Do my best
To be true to myself and develop my beliefs
     To serve the Queen
         and my country
   To help other people and To keep the
        Guide Law


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Join the Trefoil Guild


  • If you were in Guiding or Scouting and enjoyed the camaraderie and meeting friends with a similar outlook!
  • If you are having a break from Guiding or Scouting you will find Trefoil Guild is the place to be!
  • If you hold a role in Girlguiding or are a Scout you will find joining the Trefoil Guild is for you!
  • Even if you have never been involved in either Guiding or Scouting, there is always a warm welcome for anyone who likes the idea of learning something new, meeting new people or getting involved in local Guiding & Scouting projects.

You can become a member:

Full Membership
If you are 18 or over, have been a member of either Guiding or The Scout Association, or are willing to make the Guide or Scout Promise.

Associate Membership
If you have a role in Girlguiding or Hold a Scouter's unit appointment card.

Affiliated Membership
If you subscribe to the aims and principles of the two Associations but are not able to make the Promise

Our aims are:

  • To live in the spirit of Guiding
  • To offer practical help to Girlguiding Bermuda
  • To support Guiding worldwide
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